Poster:Jeng, Chi-RueyPost date:2012-04-02
Tourism and leisure industry is the most promising and vital industry nowadays. The steadily increasing demand for competent manpower has hastened the need for quality, not just quantity, of professionals working in the field. In response to this trend, the Department of Leisure and Tourism Management (LTM) was established with the aim to train leisure industry professionals with foresight and international vision.  The faculty consists of 11 full-time professors (100% are assistant professors) and 26 part-time lecturers with ample experience in leisure-related industry.
All faculties are competitive instructors who have contributed to high-quality modules in enhancing students' leisure management-related knowledge.  The curriculum is divided to “tourism” and “recreation management” modules according to developing trend in leisure industry and market demand for students' employment. Core courses of each module contain content of professional certification exams related to employment, beneficial for students to obtain certificates. The professional learning facilities of LTM includes cabin classroom, dining service techniques laboratory,  beverages modulation  laboratory, Shu-Te Leisure Hotel, internship travel agency, explanatory guidance laboratory,  bakery classroom and project discussion rooms, etc.   With resourceful teaching faculty, comprehensive curriculum planning, and solid professional learning facilities, this department provides a platform to cultivate new professionals in leisure industry.
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